Code of Conduct

Students participating in our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) here at Carnegie Mellon are to consider themselves part of the Carnegie Mellon academic community and are expected to meet and maintain the highest personal and professional ethics and conduct.

We are committed to cultivating a transformative and educational experience, as well as safeguarding personal health and well-being. We require students to act with personal and intellectual integrity, to speak honestly, and to treat themselves and others with the utmost respect.

Students participating in the program are expected to:

All participating students are expected to have timely attendance and to participate in all mandatory program sessions, including all in-person, virtual, and group activities. All students are expected to be present, prepared, and ready to actively engage in each session. Student engagement is central to the program and pivotal to the overall success of the summer experience.

The Statistics & Data Science department and Carnegie Mellon prohibits conduct that creates a hostile environment for faculty, staff, students, or other parties. Examples include:

Any form of sexual misconduct will not be tolerated by the program. All participating students are expected to read and become familiar with Carnegie Mellon’s sexual misconduct policies and will be expected to abide by these policies starting the day they arrive. All students are subject to CMU’s Title IX office policies and procedures as well as any related potential disciplinary action.

If students need any kind of support or assistance during their time here, please contact one of the following SURE 2023 staff:

When all members of the community uphold these values, we are able to provide a formative and collaborative experience for all summer program participants.