There are two main forms of assignments in the SURE 2023 program, namely:

Some additional details on both are provided below.


We also provide you demo-lab materials for you to test out your understanding of the course content. They are usually released once or twice a week, as per the schedule. Completing these demo-labs is strongly recommended to help you reinforce the material. There is no grading involved here, just learning. So don’t hesitate to reach out to your fellow peers, TA Advisors, and course instructors for help.

Viewing demo labs (in your browser)

You can view all demo lab materials in your browser (e.g., Chrome/Firefox) by navigating the links in the left sidebar, under the ‘Demo Lab’ dropdown header, or via the schedule.

Downloading demo labs (on your laptop)

You can also download the RMarkdown (.Rmd) demo-lab files using the convenient links below:

Download Demo Lab 1 (Intro to R):

Download Demo Lab 2 (data wrangling with dplyr):

Download EDA Mini Project 1 (Requirements and Data):

Download Demo Lab 3 (Data visualization practice with ggplot):

Download Demo Lab 4 (Exploratory Data Analysis (Case Studies)):

Download Demo Lab 5 (Clustering):

Download Demo Lab 6 (Linear Regression):

Research project deliverables

As noted in our syllabus and schedule the only deliverables you have are your final (Optum or CMSAC) research project report, poster, and presentation.

Research project deliverables

We reemphasize that the research project won’t be formally graded. However your three research deliverables will be presented by you to various important (executive) stakeholders in healthcare (Optum) and the sports (CMSAC) data science community.

So it is in your best interest to put your best foot forward, since it will be of great benefit for your future data science career!

You can view all assignment materials by navigating the links in the left sidebar, or via the schedule.