Pittsburgh-based resources

A friendly note from your friendly Academic Advisor Glenn

Welcome to Pittsburgh! This fantastic city will be your home for the next two months, and we want to make sure you have access to any support systems you may need during that time. We hope that you’ll be able to get everything possible out of the SURE program, so these resources should help alleviate any stress that could arise elsewhere. We’ve collated the following list of Pittsburgh-based resources to assist you, should you have need during the program.


Pittsburgh Bus/Transit Pass

If you would like to utilize public transit to get from your program housing to campus, or to explore what Pittsburgh has to offer, please see the below links for more information:

Medical/Wellness Resources

If you find yourself in need of physical, mental, or emotional attention, please utilize these local institutions for assistance:

Food Insecurity

If you find yourself struggling with having enough food to get through your time here, please contact the following resource for assistance:

Finding a Faith Community

If you are part of a religious community and want to find a local community during your

time here, please use the following resource to find a faith community: