Fun activities to do in Pittsburgh

A friendly note from your friendly co-instructor Meg

Pittsburgh gets a bad rap, but I’ve found it to be a really fun, active, vibrant city! To that end, as an instructor I want you to get the most out of this program, both academically and personally, so I’ve compiled a list of fun activities that you could try if you find yourself bored in the evenings or on the weekends. Note that it may be a bit biased. I haven’t tried/visited each of these things, but the ones I haven’t done myself still come highly recommended from friends in town. I hope you can get out there and do some cool stuff!


If you’re into sports

Pittsburgh sports are awesome (regardless of how well the teams may or may not be doing in their respective seasons…). It’s a big deal here. Also, fun fact, the city requires all professional teams to have Black & Gold as their colors.

If you love nature

If you like culture

  • Carnegie Library

    • A whole network of libraries across the city, but it’s main location is at the Museum on Forbes (see below)

    • Lots of events available, and just a cool spot

  • Carnegie Museum

    • Actually four museums, including the Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Science Center, and the Andy Warhol Museum

    • I can personally vouch for the Science Center being really fun, but I’ve heard the others are quite cool as well, and a few of them are walking distance from campus

  • Various festivals

    • You can find a list of annual events here– Picklesburgh is a personal favorite!

    • There are also plenty of nice farmers markets to check out

Generally cool areas to explore

  • Strip District

    • Specialty grocery stores (Korean, Mexican, Italian, etc.)

    • Restaurants, coffee shops, various other food-related activities

  • Downtown (Dahntahn)

  • Lawrenceville (Butler St.), Shadyside (Walnut St.), Squirrel Hill (Murray Ave)

    • Neighborhoods with some nice shopping/restaurant areas
  • Some restaurants that I recommend (again, biased, not exhaustive)

    • Kiin Lao (prev. Bangkok Balcony, Squirrel Hill)

    • Udipi (Monroeville, very far but so delicious, no online presence whatsoever)

    • Stack’d (Oakland, custom burgers, very close to campus)

    • Iron Born Pizza (Detroit-style, which I did not know existed, good delivery option)